June 19

“The 1% Factor” with Jayme Sperring, Executive Vice President at Varel Energy Solutions.

Jayme is an innovative business leader and co-founder of Rubicon Oilfield International. He excels in building companies and M&A, known for his exceptional relationship-building skills. Currently serving as the Executive VP of Business Development & Strategy at Varel Energy Solutions, Jayme made a remarkable transition from being a professional baseball player to the oilfield industry.

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Under his leadership, Rubicon became a globally integrated, high-performing upstream casing equipment business, later sold to Innovex Downhole Solutions. Jayme’s journey is characterized by impactful mentors, pivotal decisions, and personal growth. Despite setbacks, he found stronger purpose, perspective, and priorities. Discover his insights on leadership, purpose, and loyalty in this enlightening podcast interview.


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