July 19

“Success by Design: Blueprint for Extraordinary Results” with Gary Kolstad, Chairman, CEO, Board Member, Founder and Private Investor

Gary Kolstad is a dynamic and accomplished professional with a remarkable track record in leadership, global business operations, and strategic decision-making. With extensive experience as a CEO and Chairman of the Board at Accuscribe, Gary possesses a unique blend of skills and expertise that set him apart in the business world. Throughout his career, Gary has demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities, successfully managed diverse teams and navigated various cultures and nationalities. His high energy and “can-do” attitude enable him to tackle challenges head-on and drive positive change within organizations.

Gary’s strengths extend beyond his leadership and entrepreneurial acumen. He possesses a keen intellect and a genuine curiosity about technology trends, consistently seeking innovative solutions that drive business growth and profitability. This blend of business acumen and technological savvy allows him to envision and execute effective marketing strategies in a rapidly evolving landscape. Moreover, Gary’s background in managing high growth markets, overcoming cyclical challenges, and implementing emerging technologies make him an ideal candidate for organizations seeking to navigate complex and rapidly changing landscapes. His experience in restructuring and his understanding of human resources further enhance his ability to drive organizational transformation and foster a positive corporate culture.

Get ready to be inspired by the remarkable journey of one of the most influential leaders in the industry. In this exclusive episode, we dive deep into the captivating story of Gary Kolstad, a visionary entrepreneur and global business leader who has redefined success through his unparalleled achievements. Gary shares his invaluable insights on leadership, global business operations, marketing strategy, and technology, providing practical advice that can transform your own professional journey. Discover his unique approach to problem-solving, the importance of a can-do attitude, and the significance of embracing challenges as opportunities for growth.


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