February 13

On the Global Stage: Celebrating Excellence in Energy with Emeliana Rice-Oxley, Global Energy Executive.

Emeliana Rice-Oxley, a seasoned Global Energy Executive with 35 years of experience in Exploration, has significantly shaped the industry’s landscape. Leading successful ventures for Shell and PETRONAS globally, she strategically drove profitable growth and transformation. Her expertise spans Health, Safety & Environment, Sustainability, and Governance, contributing to her recognition as the 2019 Female Executive of the Year at the Asia Pacific Energy Assembly.

Beyond her operational prowess, Emeliana champions diversity, equity, and inclusion, notably through initiatives like the PETRONAS Leading Women Network. In 2022, she received the Distinguished Achievements Award at the Offshore Technology Conference Asia, honoring her exceptional contributions to the energy sector and advocacy for gender equality.

Emeliana’s impact extends to boardrooms, where she serves as a director for public and private listed companies, covering Gas Infrastructure & Utilities, Leadership Training/Development, and international Exploration and Production firms. Currently, she holds key positions on the boards of Hibiscus Petroleum Berhad, PGS ASA, and Heriot-Watt Business Advisory. Emeliana’s multifaceted leadership and commitment continue to leave an indelible mark on the dynamic global energy landscape. In today’s episode, we have the privilege of hosting Emeliana Rice-Oxley, a seasoned global energy executive whose journey is marked by groundbreaking achievements, a commitment to education, and a passion for promoting gender equality within the sector.


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