June 29

“Not an overnight success” with Jack Hamlin- Energy Strong Co-Founder.

Jack Hamlin is the Vice President of Sargent and Lundy formerly known as Summit Engineering before being acquired in 2020.  Jack is also the co-founder of Energy Strong, a grass roots energy advocacy group dedicated to educating the public about the benefits and safety of oil and gas development to the citizens and municipalities starting in Colorado and expanding it to other oil producing states.

Jack has always been passionate and intrigued about energy and how it powers the world. He started in oil and gas recruiting which ended up being the perfect place to network and grow his career. He shares how he went from working for a recruiting firm to starting his own business. Jack’s success came later in life, he didn’t start Summit Engineering till he was 36. He shares how being alone in your 20’s and early 30’s can be miserable as an entrepreneur. Running your own businesses does not look like the highlight reels on social media. Jack opens up about Energy Strong, what it means to him and how it’s playing a huge role in changing the narrative around oil and gas. 


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