June 29

“Moving from success to significance” with Clay Gaspar- Devon Energy COO.

Today we have on the podcast, Clay Gaspar who was recently appointed as executive vice president and COO of Devon in January 2021 following Devon’s merger with WPX Energy. Clay joined WPX in 2014 before the merger he was President and COO and on the board of directors of WPX energy , he worked for Newfield Exploration, Anadarko Petroleum and Mew-born Oil serving in a number of technical and leadership roles.

Clay talks about the pressure that happens in your 20’s, when you are “supposed” to know what you are going to do with the rest of your life. Clay had the opportunity to work one summer in the field and ended up building a strong relationship with his mentor, this experience changed his career trajectory. He shares the advice his mentors gave him and how having advocates within your organization is essential to your career growth. Clay left his dream company after 16 years. He describes the steps he took to ensure leaving was the right decision. This is a situation everyone in their career eventually faces at one point or another.


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