February 13

Leadership Lessons: Cultivating Trust and Seizing Opportunities with Rich Howe, Executive Vice President for Deepwater, Integrated Gas and Upstream at Shell.

Richard, also known as Rich, boasts an impressive academic background, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Auburn University in the United States. He continued his education, earning Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in the US, Petroleum Technology from Curtin University in Australia, and Business Administration from Duke University, also in the US.

His professional journey with Shell began in 2002 as a Pressure Equipment Engineer at the Saraland refinery in Alabama, later transitioning to a similar role at the Norco Chemical Complex near New Orleans, Louisiana. Rich then served as a Project Engineer within the Shell Unconventional Resource and Energy team in Colorado, contributing to a significant oil shale development project. Following the successful launch of this initiative, he shifted to Shell’s Deepwater division, initially as a technical specialist supporting subsea operations and pipeline flow assurance in the Gulf of Mexico.

His roles within Shell diversified as he progressed, moving into finance and strategy before taking on the position of FPSO (Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading) asset operations manager in Brazil for several years. Rich’s journey continued as he returned to the Gulf of Mexico as the Vice President Technical for US Deepwater Assets. Subsequently, he was appointed Vice President of the Production discipline for Shell’s global Deepwater operations. Presently, Rich holds the esteemed position of Executive Vice President for Deepwater within the Integrated Gas and Upstream sectors at Shell. This episode delves into Rich’s pivotal role at Shell since joining in 2002, starting as a Pressure Equipment Engineer and ascending through various roles in locations ranging from the Gulf of Mexico to Brazil. As we conclude this captivating episode featuring Rich, the Executive Vice President of Shell’s Global Deepwater Business, his journey leaves us inspired and enlightened. From his roots in rural Alabama to the pinnacles of executive leadership, Rich’s story embodies resilience, proactive ambition, and a profound commitment to leadership rooted in care, honesty, and trust.


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