June 19

“Inspiring the next generation of female leaders in STEM” with Kimberly Krieger, Chief Operating Officer at BPX.

Kimberly Krieger is the Chief Operating Officer at BPX Energy, BP’s US Onshore Company, where she is accountable for the safe and environmentally responsible delivery of 500,000 bpd equivalent and $2bn in operating cash. As part of the BPX Executive Team, Kim is delivering on a shared vision to disrupt US Onshore Operations with rapid innovation and game changing technologies.

Prior to joining BPX in 2014, Kim held a number of leadership and engineering roles with BP in Alaska, Trinidad, and the Gulf of Mexico that helped shaped the leader she is today. Kim enjoys mentoring, innovation, and values lifelong learning to stay relevant. She holds a BS in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Wyoming and is a 2017 graduate of the Stanford GSB Executive Program. Kim and her husband (Andy) work to balance their demanding careers and treasure family time with their teenage daughters.


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