September 19

Inspiring STEM Futures: Commitment to Empowering the Next Generation, with Simao Silva, Director of Business Development and Brazil Country Manager, at Oceaneering International, Inc.

Simao Silva holds prominent positions at Oceaneering International, Inc., a leading company in the energy industry. As the Director of Business Development and Brazil Country Manager, he plays a crucial role in managing and developing the company’s operations. His responsibilities extend to the global stage, where he serves as the Global Account Director for the company. Simao Silva is based in Houston, Texas, USA, overseeing the company’s activities.

His significant contributions to the energy sector have earned him recognition and accolades. In 2021, he was honored as a high-performing professional and a member of the Council’s Emerging Executives Committee, highlighting his dedication and excellence in his field. This recognition underscores his commitment to advancing the energy industry.

Simao Silva’s active involvement in industry events, such as the South America Offshore Wind 2023 in Rio, demonstrates his dedication to furthering the progress of the energy sector. His leadership and expertise in his roles at Oceaneering International, Inc., make him a notable figure in the industry.



Join us on the latest episode of “Flipping the Barrel” podcast as we sit down with Simao Silva, the dynamic Managing Director of Brazil for Oceaneering. Simao has an incredible journey in the offshore energy industry, and he’s here to share his wisdom and insights with our listeners.


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