February 20

From Entry-Level to CEO: Navigating the Energy Industry with Sam Sledge, CEO of ProPetro.

In 2011, Sam Sledge became a part of ProPetro, showcasing his versatility in roles such as Frac Technical Specialist and Technical Operations Manager. His responsibilities encompassed quality control, planning, logistics, and engineering program development. Sam’s recent leadership journey at ProPetro includes key roles such as Vice President of Finance, Corporate Development, and Investor Relations. He has also held positions as the Chief Strategy and Administrative Officer, progressing to the role of President. In these capacities, he assumed responsibility for ProPetro’s Financial, Legal, Human Resources, and Supply Chain departments. Sam holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Masters of Business Administration from Baylor University. Currently, he serves as the CEO of ProPetro.

In this episode, we explore the remarkable journey of a leader who has not only navigated the complexities of oil and gas but has also risen from an entry-level position to spearheading one of the prominent oil field service companies in West Texas. Join us as we uncover the personal and professional facets of this journey, highlighting the influences that shaped a successful career in the ever-evolving energy landscape.


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