March 25

Family at the Core: Fostering a Supportive Company Culture with Rich Voorberg, President of the North America Hub of Siemens Energy.

Richard Voorberg, President of the North America Hub of Siemens Energy, shares his journey in the energy industry, from being inspired by his father’s work in Canada to becoming a leader with over 30 years of experience. He emphasizes the importance of a family-oriented company culture and discusses his leadership approach, focusing on caring for employees and breaking down barriers.

Voorberg also highlights the significance of strategic thinking, leading to his decision to pursue an MBA later in his career. In his current role, he manages a large team, navigates a complex matrix, and emphasizes the importance of partnerships, both traditional and non-traditional. Voorberg shares insights on balancing work and family life, emphasizing open communication and continuous support. In today’s episode, we uncover the remarkable journey of a seasoned executive in the energy sector. From family inspiration to strategic leadership, join us as we explore the insights and experiences of a true trailblazer at Siemens Energy.


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