July 19

“Embrace Your Unique Power: Lessons on Bold Leadership and Thinking Beyond Boundaries” with Taya Williams

Taya Williams-Alfred has had an extensive career with Schlumberger and holds key managerial roles within the company. Her role as a sales and commercial regional manager showcases her leadership abilities and strategic direction in the Northern Middle East division. Additionally, her position as the Global Sales Director for Emissions Management highlights her expertise in this field.

Furthermore, Taya Williams-Alfred’s dedication to her late father is evident through her establishment of the Sam’s Feathers Youth Foundation. This foundation serves as a way to honor her father’s memory and make a positive impact in the community.

Taya’s story will leave you inspired to break boundaries, embrace your authentic self, and unlock the power of thinking big. Get ready for an engaging and thought-provoking conversation that will challenge the way you perceive your own potential. She stresses the importance of constructive feedback – by approaching feedback constructively, Taya refraining from defensive reactions. She seeks to understand the motive behind the feedback, whether positive or negative, to extract valuable insights for personal growth. Thank you for tuning in to this incredible episode of Flipping the Barrel. We hope that our conversation with Taya Williams-Alfred has left you feeling empowered and ready to embrace the mindset of thinking big. Remember, the journey towards success starts with daring to dream beyond limitations and believing in your own abilities. Be sure to share this episode with others who need a dose of inspiration, and join us again next time as we continue to bring you more fascinating stories of triumph and innovation. Until then, keep Flipping the Barrel and making waves in your own life!


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