February 13

“Crafting Career Paths: Decision-Making and Future Building” with Whitney Eaton, EVP of People & Sustainability at TGS.

Whitney Eaton’s impactful career journey began in 2014 at TGS, where she assumed the role of Corporate Compliance Director. Over time, her dedication and competence led to her elevation as Vice President of Compliance in August 2019, a testament to her profound grasp of regulatory intricacies. Her trajectory continued to soar as she embraced additional responsibilities, including the oversight of TGS’ ESG program. This expansion showcased her versatility and commitment to a holistic corporate approach. In February 2021, Whitney’s ascent culminated in her appointment as Executive Vice President, where she skillfully harmonizes Compliance and ESG efforts.

With nearly 15 years in the legal field, Whitney possesses a wealth of experience in implementing and managing comprehensive corporate compliance programs. Her expertise in navigating intricate legal landscapes underscores her effectiveness as a compliance leader. Complementing her professional achievements, she holds a Juris Doctor (JD) from the University of Richmond School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Public Communication with University Honors from American University.

Whitney’s journey exemplifies resilience, dedication, and strategic insight. Her fusion of legal acumen with ethical imperatives sets her apart as a leader, ensuring that corporate compliance remains a cornerstone of excellence. In this episode, we shine a spotlight on a trailblazer whose journey has left an indelible mark on the corporate world. From her early days as the Corporate Compliance Director to her current role as the Executive Vice President, overseeing both Compliance and ESG efforts, our guest has exemplified the essence of strategic leadership and dedication. Tune in as we uncover the insights, challenges, and triumphs of this exceptional leader.


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