May 22

“Challenge Accepted” with Ruth Zambrano -RP Division Manager at Schlumberger

Ruth Zambrano has been in the oil and gas industry for 17 years, starting as a wireline field engineer in Perth, Australia. She joined Schlumberger to have a borderless career and has been in operations for most of her career. Ruth talks about how authenticity is crucial for leadership and shares her journey from country to country and the challenges she faced. She started in Ecuador, where her parents hoped she would follow in their footsteps in the medical field. However, with her father’s support, she pursued engineering.

Ruth fell into oil and gas by chance and talks about her experience working in difficult conditions in Australia and Argentina. She also shares her biggest challenge in Chile as the only woman in her product line and how she overcame it. Ruth discusses her views on the future of the industry and why future generations are crucial to its success.


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