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It isn’t always who’s got the biggest network. We focus on finding the right network to inspire those people or groups who may otherwise lack representation in the industry.

In order to be the next energy industry leader, you need to believe you can reach the highest levels of the industry. And it’s always easier to scale that career mountain when there’s a clear path laid out for you.

Undertaking careers in oil and gas can be a daunting task, especially for women who have historically been denied a seat at the table. FTB provides the community you can rely on to not only energize your aspirations but also discover strategic ways to get ahead and stay ahead.

Our careers partners

We believe in the importance of offering a woman’s perspective of the industry and having hard conversations about essential topics such as workplace culture, talent retention, and future leadership

Our Criteria For
endorsed partners


Committed to ESG initiates

Environmental, social, and governance standards are changing for the better, and we make it a point to partner with those companies that already prioritize ESG initiatives. Cultural alignment turns our partnerships into full-fledged friendships.


Inclusivity Approach

We are always seeking new ways to be inclusive, demonstrate respect, and blaze new trails for those who want a future in oil and gas.


Diversity and Equity culture

Inclusivity means supporting diversity initiatives and equity culture. We take our role as an influential voice in the industry very seriously.


Parental leave policy

Let’s face it: there’s no reason you can’t have a family while also prioritizing your career. Our partners know the importance of providing fair and equitable parental leave for their employees.

Your well-being and development is our goal

By providing a platform to listen and learn from energy leaders, and by accumulating career resources and forging strategic partnerships, we know that we are doing everything we can to foster an open, inclusive, and supportive community for our followers, fans, and friends.

Explore our partners job openings!

Explore our partners job openings!

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