May 23

Building Bridges, Not Walls: Leading with Cultural Awareness and Inclusivity with Glenda Valero de Silano, Chief Learning and Talent Officer at Chevron.

Glenda’s journey is nothing short of fascinating. She hails from Venezuela and has climbed the corporate ladder at Chevron, facing challenges head-on and becoming a role model for aspiring leaders in the industry. But Glenda’s impressive career isn’t the only thing that makes her interesting. She’s also a Fulbright scholar and a heart health advocate, showing that her dedication and passion extend far beyond the boardroom.

Glenda Valero de Silano is the Chief Learning and Talent Officer at Chevron, and the first Latina to ever hold this position. Today, we’re cracking open a conversation with a true industry leader, a barrier-breaker, and all-around inspiring individual!


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