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Of course when we think about oil and gas and the main functions provided by the industry, our minds immediately jump to fundamental services and utilities like heating and energy, fuel for transportation, and the like. But there are myriad lesser known uses and applications that often go unnoticed or unseen. Petrochemicals are so closely intertwined with so many facets of daily life that we miss the full extent of their reach and benefit. Here are just a few ways the oil and gas industry impacts our lives without us even necessarily knowing it.

Petrochemicals to the Rescue!

Ever wondered what makes fruit look so shiny, healthy, and appealing in grocery store displays? Sure, farmers and food producers work hard to deliver the best product to store shelves, but they also get a little help from oil and gas. That’s because the paraffin wax that coats fruits like apples, limes, and more are a derivative of petrochemicals. Not only does the wax make the fruit look brighter and more appealing; it also helps lock in freshness during the food transportation process.

And oil and gas powers more than just our transportation sector… it also powers the local, national, and global economy. The fracking industry alone is responsible for the creation of millions of jobs in this country- and millions more overseas- and the number of people employed by the industry is set to skyrocket in the coming years.

The industry often gets a bit of a bad rap for how “dirty” it is, but did you know that countless beauty products, from soaps and shampoos to sunscreens and more owe their existence to oil and gas? Maybe it’s Maybelline, but more likely, it’s the hundreds of chemical compounds derived from petroleum that make the beauty and wellness industry what it is.

Even the great outdoors can be made greater thanks to the oil and gas industry. The nylon found in everything from tents to canoes to waterproof gear would not be possible without benzine- you guessed it, a petrochemical!

The Bottom Line

From plastics to viscosifiers in our food products, to packaging for our deliveries, to bubble gum and so much more, our lives are so heavily impacted by oil and gas production that we can’t separate the industry’s progress from our own. Indeed, we’re in this life together, working to power the industry that works tirelessly to power every fundamental aspect of our daily existence.

Thanks, oil and gas!

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