Amy Miller - Episode 135

February 13

Behind the Scenes of the Energy Council’s Success, with Amy Miller, CEO at the Energy Council.

In her current position as the CEO of Energy Council, Amy holds a pivotal role in managing the organization’s operations, with a specific focus on the European and Middle Eastern regions. She oversees the development and production of the prestigious World Oil & Gas Week event, which is a significant platform for industry leaders to gather, discuss, and collaborate on key energy sector issues.


Amy is dedicated to promoting the growth and expansion of the Middle East region for The Energy Council, which is crucial for the organization’s global presence and influence in the industry. In addition to her responsibilities as CEO, Amy plays a pivotal role in fostering diversity and inclusivity within the energy sector. She heads the Women’s Energy Council, a platform designed to empower and support women professionals in the field, thereby contributing to the advancement of gender equality and representation in the industry.


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