May 22

“Be Limitless” -with Starlee Sykes, Senior VP Gulf of Mexico & Canada at BP.

On the podcast today we have Starlee Sykes, Senior Vice President for the Gulf of Mexico and Canada, one of the largest deep water businesses in the world. With over 20 years of leadership experience in the energy sector. Recognized as one of the “25 most Influential Women in Energy” in “Women Who Mean Business” by the Houston Biz Journal, Starlee shares with us her story on how she ended up working offshore and why the numbers for women in offshore positions have stayed stagnant around 3.6%.

Starlee always had high aspirations as a child and wanted to work for NASA. She talks about what made her different and how she built confidence. She explains why she has never been someone who “self limits” and why this is so important both in your career and personal life.  


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